Monday, September 23, 2013

If You Go Down to the Woods Today 7


When you come out of the woods today
You will be coming back out alone
It was lovely to be in the woods today
Now here is your path to follow home

For a while now I have been telling you what I am up to and thinking.
Why not tell me what you are up to and thinking?

or we could ask what Ersatz Lascaux is thinking...


  1. Fujifilm S5 pro digital SLR body with a nine ring zone plate body cap that is approximately 45mm focal length at f45.

    Let us show one another what we do not normally see in a way we do not normally look at things.

    Send yours to
    Thank You.

  2. texting...1...2...

  3. the use of light as stepping stones
    will not keep you out of the mud

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