Tuesday, September 3, 2013



A simple image. That is both beautiful and provocative. In some way maybe evocative. It is obscure. It asks a question. Perhaps it has no answer. It is what I like. It is what I do.

and listen to
Ersatz Lascaux

last exit eden
where maple meets vine
at the big indian sign
and cars like eggs
are cheaper
in the country

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  1. Fujifilm S5 pro digital SLR body with a nine ring zone plate body cap that is approximately 45mm focal length at f45.
    Some of the photos this week can actually be previewed through the viewfinder and some are a matter of not stopping until you get it right. And worth it.

    Ersatz Lascaux has been having a problem leaving comments on this blog. If you are reading this and would try to leave a comment I would appreciate it.
    If it won't work for you either please let me know here