Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"Illustration 2"

Tyler. This is another attempt to make my point about typical and atypical art supplies. 
The hard part to get across in this exercise is the eventual differences between supports and mediums. The final pieces will be large panels. A group of 7 about 80 inches tall by 30 inches wide each. They will be done in acrylic even though some of the early layers will be started as if I was working on paper with graphite and watercolor. I hope to use everything I know about concept and craft to make the most important works I have done to date. Nice goal don't you think?
Thanks and tomorrow I will post one more.

Ersatz Lascaux   Ersatz Lascaux   Ersatz Lascaux

man, it's all just DNA
...it always is

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  1. 10.25" X 7.125"
    colored pencil and watercolor on 140 lb w/c paper