Monday, September 16, 2013


"38 base-13"

Continuing with alternative number systems. This time I choose base-13 called tridecimal, tredecimal or triskaidecimal. Since we have 10 fingers and normally use the decimal system we are limited to 10 digits the ever famous 0 through 9. When counting in base-13 we need more digits. It is customary to add an A which equals 10 base-10 and a B which equals 11 base-10 and a C which equals 12 base-10. And it just continues to get more complicated from there.
Thirteen is a favorite number of mine so I will continue anyway.
This year 2013 would be BBB base-13. I was born in B6A base-13. I am 51 base-13 years old.
Converting 38 base-13 to the decimal system is not very difficult.
8 plus 3 times 13.
8 plus 39 equals 47 base-10.
I am still not a mathematician but that was kind of fun wasn't it?

call for
Ersatz Lascaux
call for 
Ersatz Lascaux 
at the front desk
you small gods you
tell me something
I don't already know

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