Saturday, September 14, 2013



I have always been attracted to the number seven. Lucky number seven. It was part of my upbringing and the first prize I ever won in the "pick a number between one and ten" was when I picked seven.
Putting the four before the seven was an easy next step for me.
Then years later I invented the 47th Division of Art. I was the only member. It is difficult to recruit militant pacifists. Especially militant pacifists artists.
Good for the artists.
It was to be a fun idea. And like many fun ideas it can get out of hand quickly.
When paintings become more like flags and then get nailed over the front doors of other artists while they are out. Some people take your fun idea a little too seriously. Of course there was more than art involved. There always is. The last counter attack by the 47th was another artists painting nailed to a tree in the early hours of a Sunday morning. There was no counter to that and thus the Division was disbanded.
Or was it?

can you hear me 
Major Ersatz
are you listening 
Major Lascaux

my understanding is uh...
that it's a...
book club...
once a month and...
that's it...
that's all I know...

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