Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gospel According to a Wood Thrush

After my first listen to "Gospel According to a Wood Thrush" I really wished I had the same sound reproduction set up I had at my previous dwelling.
I thank and curse Mr. Bose for what he has done to sound reproduction.  
I have not forgotten how much I enjoyed being actually able to hear what artists like you put into your work. How I listen now is a little too much like looking at my work in the dark.
However until I get something like that set up again I am currently listening through halfway decent headphones. Much more is getting through. Like that train that just drove through my head.
Please don't get me wrong I enjoyed my first listen. I knew you had put together a really good piece. There was no doubt.

This is a very strong and moving work. I like the way you exposed the concept and then redefined and refined and then did that again.  
I am drawn to the endings of each movement the most. Which I think is a good thing.
The plucked strings and their almost random feeling composition appeal to me.
I also enjoyed the locomotive motif. I like the way you presented and worked with it within those sonic images.  
(My train memories are very romantic. I have always loved the lonely sound of them at night.  I actually used to think they were calling my name. I also jumped onto and through slowly moving trains while on my way to school. I eventually jumped on one and rode out of town while running away as a teenager.)

I have 2 criticisms. One for us and one for you.

For us.
You have created something that requires our attention in a time when we think we have no time and only pay attention to ourselves. We are spoiled brats.  
We want to listen to your work and ignore it at the same time. I am truly happy to say that you are not very accommodating.
Good for you.

For you.
I like these 13 sonic images in 3 movements very much.  
It is strong while stopping short of over powering.  
It is inviting without being saccharin or sweet.
It is accessible but has layers that are not that easy to access.
On the 1st and 2nd listening I felt a little too aware of the separation between the sonic images.  (I told you we are spoiled brats.)

Thank you for this "Gospel According to a Wood Thrush" I will listen some more. I promise.I can't tell if you changed the last word to Galatians 5:23 or not. I really like the inclusion of spoken words.
Good work. More later.     

These were my first written thoughts to Rich Bitting about his work "Gospel According to a Wood Thrush" and I only like the piece more each time I hear it.  It is only one of his excellent works from 2013. 
The reason I am bringing this up at this time is two-fold. 
One. Everyone who reads this should listen to "Gospel According to a Wood Thrush". Obviously I recommend it highly. There are links below. Listen and support Rich and all of his works musical and graphic. 
Two. Rich's work has inspired me to do a fair amount of explorartory writings based on some spoken words in this piece. I would like these writings to continue on this blog until I have successfully completed an artists book to my liking. More later.

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