Friday, January 31, 2014


The book is called "9".
This is page 27. Actually a page beginning because more will be done to it. None of the pages I have posted so far are considered finished. To some point this is probably the least finished but I don't know for sure at this time. Time and more pages will tell.
Stay tuned.

I am still asking for any suggestions about how to improve (save) my book project.
I am also still thinking there must be a person who can help me with the technological side of my art work. A studio assistant or Girl Friday.
I have not stopped thinking that a larger than office size scanner would make this project look better and be much more readable.
There may be one close to you that is not being used. Find it and pass it on.
Thank you.


  1. Each page is 12.75 X 9.5 inches. The paper is 70 lb rough w/c paper made many years ago for Grumbacher. The original sheets were 19 X 25.5 inches. Each sheet is folded into a signature and there are five signatures for a total of forty pages
    My apologies for the way it is scanned.
    I am working on it.
    Just not much success yet.

  2. GLAD STEADFAST registered trademark