Friday, January 24, 2014


The book is called "9" and this is the 1st state of page 13.
I still have some of that confidence left. I am sure this project isn't doomed to failure. However. If I am wrong and it is doomed to failure it will be one of my more successful failures. Believe me. And if you don't believe me just keep watching. Even if I don't post every day (I do hope to) I will keep posting the progress of this book on this blog. Thank you in advance for following.
Now to two more important points.
1.  Please post any advice you may have about how to save this project in the comment section below. I mean it. So far only one person has participated. I obviously need more guidance even if I am going to ignore it. It is bound to help in some way. You know it will.
2.  Anyone who has anything like an Epson Expression 11000XL Photo Scanner that I can have or use please contact me at the email address just below this paragraph. A large format flatbed scanner would make this book project and the continuing posts look much better and be way easier to follow. And obviously there are lots and lots of posts to come. There are more pages to be added and then the page revisions until the book is complete.

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  1. the search for peace results
    in unrest & more
    picnics by the sea
    hope this helps