Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Of course the book is still called "9" and this is my beginning for page 25.
Page 25 is the first page of the fourth signature.
(That is the 3rd page of goodness if you have been following my progress here for a while.)
What has changed is that I have found a slightly better means of showing you what a page looks like. It took me all of this time to get that together. Even if I never stated that I am technologically challenged you should have guessed it by now. Really. It's quite evident.
Before I click publish the two scans are displayed with no space between them. It sort of resembles a complete page. Once I publish the posting they separate. More evidence that I am challenged. This is my fifth effort and apparently I still lose.
That said.
I have a 3rd point to add to my daily list. I could use a gratis transcriber. A computer aid. A Girl Friday. I will probably never catch up to the levels of computer ability that I need access to. Working with images. Working with a web site. Even this blog. I spend way too much time doing things multiple times and my efforts are not successful most of the time. Hey. It took me this long to get a halfway decent representation of a book page. That was 16 posts before I got it to this level. It could be much better than this if I knew how to use the equipment at my disposal. I think.

Now.  To two more or less important points.
  1.  Please post any advice you may have about how to save this project in the comment section below. I mean it. I obviously need more guidance. It is bound to help in some way. You know it will. Don’t you?
  2.  Anyone who has anything like an Epson Expression 11000XL Photo Scanner that I can have or use please contact me at the email address just below this paragraph. A large format flatbed scanner would make this book project and the continuing posts look much better and be way easier to follow. And obviously there are lots and lots of posts to come. There are more pages to be added and then the page revisions until the book is complete. You may respond with this link.


  1. Each page is 12.75 X 9.5 inches. The paper is 70 lb rough w/c paper made many years ago for Grumbacher. The original sheets were 19 X 25.5 inches. Each sheet is folded into a signature and there are five signatures for a total of forty pages
    My apologies for the way it is scanned.
    I am working on it.
    Just not much success yet.

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