Thursday, November 21, 2013



I ask myself questions about art because when I ask others they don’t always seem to understand my questions and often they don’t have or offer me answers.
I ask myself because I am probably the only one who can recognize my own personal vision while it is still on its way.
I ask myself because others are almost completely interested in their own vision.  
And I ask myself because I am that way too.
I ask myself because others and I are often not in alignment about art and arts practices and purposes.  
I no longer believe that artistic expression is competitive.  
I no longer care about doing something original or doing something first.    
I only want to do what I choose to do to the very utmost of my ability.

I ask me these questions because I am trying to become aware of something. I am talking to me. I am attempting to instruct me. I am attempting to enlighten me. These questions are by me and for me. I am not trying to influence any one in any way about any thing.
I ask me these questions because I think there is supposed to be more to my life.  
That quality or attribute I am calling “more” has to do with a personal vision and a personal expression.  
It has to do with my works based on that personal vision and means of expression.  
Photo-works.   Art-works.   Word-works.    
Works complete in and of themselves and the very best they can be. 
Works produced for the sake of experiencing them.  
I ask myself these questions because the most appropriate questions for the moment will help or allow me to move toward the most important works of my life. I need the questions to find the way and I need the questions to explore that way toward these most important works.

Can making these works can be more important than showing them?

Can a quiet person find peace as caretaker of his own vision?
I would like to find out.

Is importance possible without relentless ego?
I hope so. I am counting on it.  

Is importance necessary?
It would be nice to know that I had completed one of the most important works of my life. But it would also be nice to know that even more important works were yet to come.

What would tell me that any particular vision is the actual vision I am searching for?
I only believe that I will know.

My work includes concepts of but not limited to: 
identity  spirituality  seriality  curiosity  creativity  systems

What do I mean by identity?
oneness   singleness   coherence (aesthetic/systematic consistence)
ability to remain the same in different circumstances
distinguishing character/personality (persisting entity particular to me)
conception and expression of individuality

What do I mean by spirituality?
the ability of something made of art materials to have a presence that is more than the sum of those materials
art works have a spirit when they cause the artist to have more concern for the existence of the art works than the artist has concern for their self 
art works have a spirit when they change or move someone who is viewing them

What do I mean by seriality? 
thinking in terms of works that are not meant to stand alone
making individual works whose existence or meaning is formed/advanced/completed by being a part of a series
works done and existing in related parts

What do I mean by curiosity?
the active desire to know or to learn or to investigate

What do I mean by creativity?
the ability to create
to produce through an imaginative skill 
to invest with a new form or meaning
to produce or bring about by a course of action
to make or bring into existence something new

What do I mean by systems (systematics)?
interdependent group of items/devices/symbols/concepts forming a unified whole
items/ devices/symbols/concepts or an organization serving a common purpose
organized or established procedure
harmony  pattern  order
relating to or consisting of a system
methodical in procedure or plan

Can this be done with the small sized works that I am working on at this time?
In some ways I think it can not.

Can this be achieved with the internet as I have been practicing it?
This can be achieved in this manner. However it needs work.  

Would the largest size flatbed scanner and daily postings be enough?
This may be only part of the answer.  
A friendlier site for visitors and comments could be part of the answer.

Can this actually be achieved without physical exhibition of any kind?
I have to answer yes. I will not always like that answer but I am sure that if I feel the need to make the work I can be satisfied by discussing it with friends one on one.  
The concept of a commercial gallery would be wonderful but only in an artist and gallery (gallerist) relationship. I take care of working toward show worthy pieces. They take care of the showing.

Do I really want to do it without exhibiting in a gallery situation?
I don’t know. I don’t know if the answer would be helpful. I would love to show works. I do not want to expend my limited time and energy doing the arranging. So the answer is no I do not want to do it without exhibiting in a gallery situation but I am willing to forego exhibition if it means more work is completed. 

Do I completely believe that art is more about the process than it is about the product?

Am I content with the concept that my process can continue to play itself out in my seemingly endless struggle with typical art materials?
No. That is way too restrictive. I want to continue working/torturing typical art materials until something else takes its place. Things change. I want them to change.

What are the questions I am not asking myself?
Am I guarded?
Am I playing it safe?


  1. The individual, man as a man, man as a brain, if you like, interests me more than what he makes, because I've noticed that most artists only repeat themselves. - Marcel Duchamp

    1. it's the brain that repeats repeats.
      So what now Marcel?
      repeat after me...
      look at the forces of nature
      and repeat
      repeat the random
      Diceman & Arp
      roll flip spin
      let's play Twister let's play Risk
      the simplest answer is to act
      eat the cookie
      ignore the Kool-aid

    2. torturing subject matter and medium = style
      is it not impossible to be styleless?
      -Pierre Brassau

    3. It is only possible to be me!
      - Stéphane Nicolas "Antoine de Tristan" Christophe-Hugues

  2. then contradiction is impossible

    1. only for Stéphane Nicolas "Antoine de Tristan" Christophe-Hugues