Saturday, August 31, 2013


"For Rick"

Photography still.
There is one photo in the group for this week that was not taken within the last few days. Let it be known. This one is not it.
This single dandelion popped up in the back yard all by its lonesome a couple of days ago. It was the only one after a spring that brought so many. It was yellow. It was bright. It caught my eye.
Yellow is such a difficult color to use in art work for me. And with what I think I have seen it can be difficult for others.
I know that the weed status can mean so much to some. However. A bunch of bright and showy dandelions always make me smile and also make me a little jealous of natures ability to use yellow so well.

if there is a comment from
Ersatz Lascaux
there is a space

soft moist root
lions teeth
part concrete
sink into ground
water into sink
teeth into tongue
yield dandelion wine

1 comment:

  1. Fujifilm S5 Pro digital SLR body with a nine ring zone plate body cap that is approximately 45mm focal length at f45.
    This is one of the photos that could actually be sort of previewed through the viewfinder. The yellow bloom showed up. But I still had to keep working at it for a while until I get it right.