Thursday, August 29, 2013


Digital photography without a lens.

I enjoy my own version of expression. It takes three main forms for me. Art-works. Word-works. Photo-works. I enjoy all three. All three forms have been posted on this site from time to time and will continue to be. 

That said.
I am a fan of film. I really like instant film. Out of date Polaroid, Fuji color and black&white, Impossible Project, all of these take photos that have a character that can be used to my advantage. I have been using black&white film in small nicer cameras and in some cameras that were not very good at all.
A couple of years ago a good friend of mine gave me a Fuji S5 Pro digital SLR. I used some of the lenses that actually go with it but mostly I have been trying to use all of my hand made lens substitutes. This photo was taken with a body cap that has a hole drilled in it and a zone plate attached. I am using that combination as my camera of the week.
I plan to continue to do more digital photography with handmade lensless and lens based items.  If I can attach it to a body cap or a T-mount adapter I want to try it.



there is a flower inside
camera obscura cave
heart images seep

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