Friday, August 16, 2013


"Nonary 07"

(Nonet II septem)

For some time this blog has been receiving relatively regular and greatly appreciated comments from, 

The ability to leave comments from the cave has been interrupted by something that is much more advanced than the cave's or my electronic intelligence.  (No great feat.) 
Would any and all who are reading this who have ever considered it please try to post a comment. It may help us figure out what the interruption may be. 
If it won't work or you know how to fix it please let me know at ballard 
Thank You.
-The Management


  1. 10.25" X 7.125" gouache/watercolor/graphite on 140 lb w/c paper

    Total of posts 296 to 337 in various bases.

    101010 base-2
    1120 base-3
    222 base-4
    132 base-5
    110 base-6
    60 base-7
    52 base-8
    46 base-9

  2. This just passed along comment from Ersatz Lascaux.

    divining rod
    funny as a crutch
    mime my messiah complex


    if you have any idea how we can fix this problem please share it with us