Thursday, August 1, 2013


"Septenary 10"

(less more)


  1. don’t give up - the beginning is often the hardest part

    11.375" X 8.5"
    gouache and graphite on 90 lb w/c paper

    Total of posts 296 to 322 in various bases.

    11011 base-2
    1000 base-3
    123 base-4
    102 base-5
    43 base-6
    36 base-7

  2. Thank you for looking at "Septenary (less more)" I have noticed it is not the most popular part of this ongoing series.
    I hope you like octonary and nonary better.
    The series will total 45 small serial works on paper. The first piece has not and probably will not be on this blog.

    To answer an email question. They are potatoes. While using the childhood counting game I only counted up to seven. I did not count more.
    Therefore "Septenary (less more)"