Wednesday, October 30, 2013


words and music, abstractions
strive to rise above noise - Ez Lx


  1. 10.25" X 7.125"
    gouache/watercolor/graphite on 140 lb w/c paper

    “Have I ever said that Turner once actually had himself lashed to the mast of a ship, to be able to later do a painting of a storm?
    Which has never failed to remind me of the scene in which Odysseus does the identical thing, of course, so that he can listen to the Sirens singing but will stay put.”
    ― David Markson, Wittgenstein’s Mistress

    “Once, somebody asked Robert Schumann to explain the meaning of a certain piece of music he had just played on the piano.
    What Robert Schumann did was sit back down at the piano and play the piece of music again.”
    ― David Markson, Wittgenstein’s Mistress

  2. outside thru
    word window
    field flowers
    just weeds
    and semantics