Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have been experimenting with digital photography again.
This time I am using a single magnifying lens in a tube attached to a T-mount adapter that is then installed on a Fuji S5 Pro digital single lens reflex. It is a simple uncoated and uncorrected lens. Therefore it has no color or reflection control. The lens is set back into the tube like a shade to keep the extraneous light from effecting the image.
The image quality is unpredictable. Sometimes the focus is just not where it appears to be in the viewfinder. Mostly the different effects of color on the sensor are difficult/impossible for me to figure out. The areas that normally make me cringe with digital photography are enjoyable with this simple lens.
I am and will be taking photos with this camera and lens combination for a while.
I will post some more of them.


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