Tuesday, October 15, 2013


After I took this photograph I wasn't sure if it was just another step in the experiment or more like the epitome of what I was after. I still don't know but I like it very much.
The combination of a soft focus and what is in and out of focus. The strong composition. The fact that it is a photo and yet more seems to be hidden than shown. More seems to be unstated than stated. All of these qualities appeal to me.
Try to look where no one else is pointing their camera. Try to see.


  1. Single magnifying glass lens in a tube attached to a T-mount adapter that is then installed on a Fuji S5 Pro digital single lens reflex.

  2. devalue image
    camera phone
    try to look to see
    myself as panopticon

  3. I'm not sure
    if a hundred eyes
    will be enough
    to see ourselves