Thursday, October 3, 2013

385 Me Again

"Me Again"
(sometimes you take it right on the nose)

Yeah. Sometimes you take it right on the nose. I have and I am trying to be thankful for the lesson. Of course I'm not. But since I am an improved version of myself at least I am not bitter.
Most of what I have been doing for a while (even when it all doesn't seem to be connected) is hopefully practice for larger and more important work. When I say hopefully I am putting the emphasis on HOPE.
Hope is a lesson we all need to learn and relearn from time to time.

My most recent reminder is from Tina and Rick. Their small dog was lost in a rural area. I mean lost in an area hostile to little house dogs. There are large fields with coyote and hawks. Lots of space to cover when looking.
After eleven days of looking everywhere and leaving flyers on cars and making any kind of contact possible with people in the area. Tina and Rick found their little dog.
When I congratulated them for Living the Hope Tina's response was "It never occurred to me to give up."

Lesson restated. Thank you.
I don't give up easily.
I may not know where I am going but I try to not stop going.
I may lose sight of the objective but I try to not lose momentum.
I may lose some ground but I try to remain standing.
Most importantly.
I don't know anything about anything.
I never did. I never will.
My opinion isn't worth much.
My point of view is whacked.
I am not capable of aligning myself with a large group of people.
However. I will keep going in through the out door. Anyway.
Thank you.


  1. Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, try to fail better.
    - Samuel Beckett

  2. opinion is all there is
    make it obvious
    whacked P.O.V. is
    the definition of ART

  3. Opinions are like navels everyone has one. The desire to have one's own opinion as opposed the opinion of the last person they heard or consulted is okay. However. I think having an informed opinion would be too much time consuming work for most members of our contemporary society.

    At this point
    in space and time
    I am quite content
    with having a