Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Old Paper

I have been going through things in order to prepare for a move soon. While packing I have found some not so interesting and a few interesting things that I have managed to hold onto for a while. The things that I still have in my possession at this time are usually from no longer ago than the very late 1970's. I do not seem to have many personal things from before then. I have moved too many times. Lost too many things. Misplaced too many things. Left too many things behind.

I was surprised when I found a piece of paper that has to be from a year or two before 1965. It is not a good drawing. I was sixteen/seventeen or even younger when I did it. It is apparent that I did not know what I was doing. I do know I wanted to be an artist. Or at least I wanted to live an artists lifestyle.

When I found it recently I had no idea that this piece of paper still existed let alone that it was in my possession. It was folded into a notebook from a much later period of time.

I am glad I found it at this time. My twelve year old son Rothko wants to be an artist. It is nice to see something I did in my teens. It will help me remember just how much work it takes to gain the abilities to do credible works of art.


  1. this looks like an early drawing of mine.


  2. J
    Thank you but I have seen your early drawings and they are much better than this. Should I have the paper carbon dated?