Monday, May 16, 2011

Images and Words

I mentioned the possible glut of photographs and paintings and poems. If glut is not the right word I apologize. There are a lot of images and words. We are bombarded with them daily. Many of them are designed to catch our eyes or ears. They do catch us and hold us but only temporarily.

A temporary nature in art can be wonderful like the temporary nature of an iris. They are some of the most sensuous and beautiful flowers in the world. I love that I get to walk past a large garden of them every morning in the spring. (Thank you Deb and Lisa.) They make me feel good. Then they are gone. That is natural. Their bulbous roots and hard stalky blades remain but the most beautiful and sensuous part of the plant is gone. I am thankful that it was there. I appreciate it.

A temporary nature in art can also be just a big "wow" and then there is nothing left. I understand that this is a good thing to many. However. I like the images and words that stay with me for a long long time. I like to look at them again and again. They are like friends. I like to interact with them and grow from having known them.

That is my proposed goal with photography and painting and poetry. I want to make something that I and hopefully you can return to again and again and still find that incredible creative substance to interact with and appreciate.

Hold me to the goal. Please.

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