Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another One

I invited you here
to tell you
how I feel
about you
and people
and parts of this earth

and now
that you are here
I would like to
introduce you
some of
the thoughts
that entertained me
when we sat together

For those of you who have the boxed version of my book "Auspicious Circumstance" this will be familiar. Or maybe not if you haven't looked at the book since you got it.
It seemed an appropriate poem for what I want to do with this venue. Also I wanted to reintroduce you to my book if you have not looked at it lately. It is now over twenty years old.
A limited number of copies will be available again soon if you lost your copy.
If you know where your copy is and are still reading it please go to and review it. There are seven revues there but it would be nice to have forty seven.

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