Monday, August 22, 2016


"Don't Take This Path"


In January of 2013 I made a decision to post each and every piece of art work that I finished on this blog site. There have been some very embarrassing posts. There was a very large series with many pieces finished and many to go that was just abandoned. Attempts to do things that I will never know what made me think they were a good idea. Even attempted to do things that I will never understand what made me think I was capable of accomplishing them. (There is a lot to be said for talent and motor skills.) Vision alone won't always get you through. 

I have done a lot of bad work. A person may have to do a lot of bad work to get to the good work.

This is the my most embarrassing post to date. There was a nice thought. (Remembering a scene just off the industrial part of Spring Grove Avenue that looks like you are about to take a walk in the country.) Then this rather fun beginning. Followed by a downhill slide into crass amateurism that there is no excuse for. 

I do apologize for following my self imposed directive of posting each and every thing I finish. You don't deserve to be treated this way. Hopefully I learned my lesson. Hopefully it won't happen again for a long time.


  1. 7 X 10.125 inches
    140 lb Lana HP w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencil/gouache/ink
    (plus some regret)

  2. ersatz lascaux makes things better by making them worse

    1. ersatz lascaux
      will always be celebrated
      as the enduring 'guiding light'
      in the darkest recesses
      of creativity