Friday, August 12, 2016


"Five Fives"
(closing this eight page experiment)
some almost highs some lower lows
pen and ink works are on the way


  1. 15.125 X 11.25 inches
    140 lb Moulin du Roy HP w/c paper
    full sheet folded to an eight page signature
    Hunt pen nib 513 EF
    combined inks
    graphite/watercolor pencil/gouache

    Sam HEY Sam
    here's the proof
    I don't always know when to stop

  2. starting can't be stopped &
    stopping is impossible
    ~ersatz p. roofpudding

    1. elks on the other hand live up in the hills
      and in the spring
      they come down for their annual convention
      it is very interesting to watch them
      come down to the water-hole
      and you should see them run
      when they find it is only water-hole
      what they're looking for is a elk-a-hole

      Another Captain Spaulding