Friday, August 5, 2016


"Untitled nests"
(sacrificing paper and ink too)
I'm blaming Sheri

Stop thinking in the extremes.
Leave the past in the past.
Think of not knowing as just a place I get to on the way to knowing.
List what I currently think needs to be done. 
Establish what is important.
Focus on one concept and one task at a time.
Perseverance will further my cause.
There is no need to look for approval or recognition.
Asking more of myself is not challenging anyone other than me.
Be open to the suggestions of others as I proceed.
Be grateful for and make the best of what I have and whatever comes my way.
Be happy.


  1. 15.125 X 11.25 inches
    140 lb Moulin du Roy HP w/c paper
    full sheet folded to an eight page signature
    (just in case)
    rusty old Hunt dip pen nib 513 EF
    grainy old Pelican sepia ink

    going to Suder's tomorrow to get some ink

  2. Suder's! I wish we could walk there together carrying a cup of coffee.
    Enjoy the trip.

    1. that would be great
      will leave without you if you
      if you're not here in time