Saturday, April 30, 2016

1260 (everyone's gone to the mobile home)

"We All Make Mistakes"
(here's one of mine - there will be more)

One cataract surgery completed and one to go.  Currently one eye sees yellowish and fuzzy and focuses up close at about 8 inches.  The other eye sees bright and clear and focuses at about 8 feet.  When it comes to doing artwork everything I need to see is somewhere in between there.  

When starting today's work I was thinking of something I saw 10-15 years ago out west.  That got away from me so quickly I let whatever was happening happen.  This time is unlike any other.  I can't imagine not trying things that I will never get the chance to try again when I can see properly.  So.  I am going to just do what I can and will.  Letting what happens be what happens.  And leaving this record of it.

Sometime between the middle and end of May I should be able to see clearly.  Have glasses that allow me to focus at arms length where I need to in order to do artworks.  Everything I see will no longer appear to be in a haloed soft focus and glazed with honey.  Sounds exciting.  Big change.  A new way of looking at things.


  1. 11.75 X 17.125 inches
    Fabriano 90 lb HP w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    just realized today that I have been listing another paper as R GREEN when it should have been
    my most humble apologies

    and apologies for my long winded take on what is going on with me
    felt like some warning was in order

  2. I hope your eyes get better soon. I look forward to more mistakes from you. This piece is quite beautiful.
    Much rest. Tea. And mistakes. These will be good for your recovery.

  3. Beautiful and evocative painting. Courage of your mistakes.

  4. Beautiful and evocative painting. Courage of your mistakes.

  5. ditto to what j said
    and let ish=esque

    1. thank you
      glad you got through

      from this day forth