Friday, April 1, 2016

1231 (fool proof)

"This is Not a Sandwich"
(never was - never will be)


  1. 17.125 X 11.75 inches
    Moulin du Roy 300 lb HP w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    perhaps it's another of Another Artifact's artifacts

  2. Replies
    1. take a mirror
      turn it upside down
      take two steps to the right
      turn around
      take three steps forward
      leaning to the right
      hold the mirror so that you can see
      "This is Not a Sandwich" in it
      repeat I can not be fooled three times
      then ask the reflection of
      "This is Not a Sandwich"
      if it is or ever has been a sandwich
      and if it says yes
      I was possibly wrong

  3. ahh yes, the treachery of images. I see now that's it's a pipe.

  4. ce ne sont pas un sandwich
    "the treachery of groceries"