Tuesday, April 19, 2016

1249 (everyone's gone to the mono-chord)

"Perpetual Motion Machine"
(patent  # 00r,ed4,700,red,470)


  1. 11.75 X 17.125 inches
    R. GREEN 90 lb rough w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    "public breakdowns are the new avant-garde"
    ~ ersatzlascaux.com

    "Believe everything ersatzlascaux.com says!"
    ~ Flopart Slowfizz

    "If you actually believe either or both of them, I have a bridge or two for sale cheap."
    ~ Anonymous

  2. welcome to the machine

  3. As a little kid I visited Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in NYC. My uncle had us there so late they were closing their doors. My cousin Tom pointed out the the guides had even switched the perpetual motion machine off! Alas, nothing is forever.

    1. If your cousin Tom had been Tom Terrific he probably could have started them up again for you. Tom Terrific might even have some control over forever.