Wednesday, July 13, 2016


(page 3 of a new book)
title page

My last two books had no words in them other than the titles and the last page of "1964" said The End.  This left me with the desire to make a book with writing and I thought it would be nice if you could actually read it unlike some of my work with words.  "ThePoliticalWritings" is inspired by the very noisy period of time we are living through and my lack of trust in a broken system.  Don't expect anything eye-opening or new.  
When you ask 100 people a question and 49 say yes and 51 say no I don't think anything was resolved.  Those sort of odds don't seem to deserve the phrase "The people have spoken!" when I know I can get a more definitive result from merely flipping a coin 100 times.


  1. 11.25 X 15.125 inches
    Moulin du Roy 140 lb HP w/c paper
    (half sheet folded)
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

  2. i'm 49% percent sure this is a good idea
    ersatz lascaux (the blog) was started all because of a little political pamphlet titled "YOUR SODA POP IS KILLING YOU!" & ersatz lascaux has gone on to sway millions.

    1. thank you
      I feel informed and enlightened
      ersatz lascaux (the blog)
      has done so much for so many
      as a dedicated follower
      I am inspired as well

      anything POP has the potential
      to kill you


  3. (heads) again
    cluster effect

    1. random produces a pattern without meaning to that doesn't look like chance