Thursday, July 21, 2016

1337 (throw-back thursday?)

"Blue Ribbon Blue"
8 X 10 Polaroid Pinhole Photo

due to circumstances beyond my control
(please do pardon me)
offering a look back to 2014

I was using up a lot of out of date 8 X 10 Polaroid film
with Sheri's help of course

taking photographs at $45.00 a shot with no guarantees
that's invigorating

This just in from Ersatz Lascaux
tripped up by Blogger again!

is (tails)

-reply to art w.

1 comment:

  1. 8 X 10 Polaroid C8130434L9 instant analog film
    8 X 10 Polaroid film holder
    8 X 10 Polaroid processor made mobile by Sheri
    8 X 10 Burke & James wooden monorail

    Thinking about using all of this equipment again with Impossible Projects 8 X 10 film. They are making color and B&W.