Sunday, July 10, 2016


"RFWs for Cathy"
(please pardon the photography)
the idea fixed


  1. 14 X 11 ArtBoards Maple panel cradled
    J Perrigot Arches Special MBM 140lb rough
    -mounted to the panel-
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache
    and road flare wires with nuts and bolts

  2. Replies
    1. Crown

      Too much rain
      loosens trees.
      In the hills giant oaks
      fall upon their knees.
      You can touch parts
      you have no right to -
      places only birds
      should fly to.

      Kay Ryan

    2. The Niagara River

      As though
      the river were
      a floor, we position
      our table and chairs
      upon it, eat, and
      have conversation.
      As it moves along,
      we notice - as
      calmly as though
      dining room paintings
      were being replaced -
      the changing scenes
      along the shore. We
      do know, we do
      know this is the
      Niagara River, but
      it is hard to remember
      what that means.

      (Another) Kay Ryan

    3. Lime Light

      One can't work
      by limelight.

      A bowlful
      right at
      one's elbow

      produces no
      more than
      a baleful
      glow against
      the kitchen table.

      The fruit purveyor's
      whole unstable

      doesn't equal
      what daylight did.

      Kay Ryan