Friday, January 22, 2016

1164 (mat)

"1964"  page 5
(manufacturer unknown CHINA)
place fork

"1964"  page 6
(manufacturer unknown CHINA)
place knife


  1. 10 X 12 inches Hayle Mill 70 lb. CP
    2 watermarks
    HAYLE MILL 1964 at bottom of sheet
    HAND MADE at top of sheet
    embossed/blind stamp
    R W S (with address)
    Guaranteed Pure Paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    all four sheets were stained/foxed/marked

    This shorter book will take about 2 weeks.
    (not including binding time)
    Then back to "97 suggestions" last 23 pages. Maybe.

  2. You do not make this very easy for someone who is trying to catch up. You can call me Arthur.

  3. okay author, you can call me auteur or since the table is set, call me for supper.