Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1161 (...)

"97 suggestions"  page 80
(stone stone stone)

more twigs
more sticks


  1. 11.25 X 15 inches 90 lb Arches HP w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    "97 suggestions" is a 104 page detour
    about to be hijacked by another detour

    little silver Canon ELPH 160

  2. Ersatz Lascaux
    are you in a different time zone now
    even when I wake up early
    I don't get here earlier than you

    p.s. I think you drove Withue away

    1. I am still here and still looking.

    2. i rise early to deal
      the time zone is better then

      p.s. no finger-pointing!

  3. “Beginning “this” is like climbing a mountain; it requires effort to clamber free of our illusions and beliefs, until we reach the clear air and vast vantage of the peak. Knocking on the gate, eventually the door would swing open to reveal the gatekeeper, often appearing to be a huge and unbelievably ferocious person. Making a request for admittance, you would be politely but briefly told that the site was full, too poor to accept another person and that, in any case, you wouldn’t like it. If you persist in knocking after the gatekeeper had closed the door on you the first time, the gatekeeper would return and begin to berate you for being too stupid to understand this simple statement, swear at you, and would most likely swat at your head a few times. After a while, the gatekeeper would refuse to answer your knock.
    Now what will you do? Do you really want to do this after all? If you do, you would neatly lean your bundle against a step and sit with your knees up and your face against your knees. The angle of the posture would be silently noted in detail by the watching gatekeeper, who might intermittently chase you off a few more times. When night falls, you might have to remain seated on the steps until morning, or you might be allowed in to sleep in a hallway overnight and be given a small meal. In any case, the next morning would find you on the steps again, going through the same business. On the second night, you might be allowed to stay "overnight" in the semi-open reception area. The next day you would be expected to sit and look, taking in all you can, leaving your expectations and prejudices behind. This excruciating and lonely experience is called Another Artifact.”
    - Stolen, paraphrased, and altered from another aspect of life, but it sort of fits.

    1. as j knows my "GO AWAY!" doormat is this and also keeps the rock-salt out of the cave-foyer