Thursday, January 1, 2015

783 Happy New Year!

"The White Whale of Technology"

(the scarecrow hasn't come back yet)

Had meant to start this year with a new art work and a new photo work everyday. The idea was pretty central to what I was doing. Go find a twig and make a photo on the way. Then do the artwork. Post both the artwork and the photo each day.

Was going to do larger works. Was going to use the phone for photography. That was the plan. My computer crashed again and I'm back to a smaller scanner. My phone will not share files with this computer because it's too old.
The White Whale of Technology raises its head again. We try something else. Here we go.

Happy New Year! Wishing us all the best.

I make a plan and then there is the laughter.


  1. 10.25 X 7.125 inches 140 lb Arches HP w/c paper
    graphite watercolor

  2. Same laughter echoing here. Every time Frank says "If you want to make god laugh, tell her your plans," I get pissed off, but so far I have not posted anything least you have a technological block. I don't .

    1. post something as soon as you read this
      you know you can