Wednesday, December 31, 2014

782 (same old technical problems)

"Not Sticks but Broken"

(the scarecrow ran away on one foot)

This photo is what it looks like inside my hopes and dreams for today. If you can imagine this printed over all of those stars they use for graphics when space ships rush through space you just about have my frame of mind.

Technology is wonderful until it breaks. I may never learn my lessons. Had the MacBook Pro worked on and things were good for a week or two. Today when I turned it on everything went really weird ending in a gray screen that wouldn't go away. Elan Technologies here I come.  Kevin gets another chance to look inside and see what's wrong. Don't want to seem like a whiner but I am tired of this.

Back to an old machine handed down by friends for now. 
Plans. Then the laughter.



  1. Thanks for looking and listening to me whine.
    I will get over it.

  2. Ah, but you helped me make my decision about a computer. Since I am not technically "gifted" and a bit of a luddite, I think I will keep it simple and upgrade what I have rather than get fancy.