Monday, September 29, 2014

703 (paint and magic)

"A Twig for Rousjh"

(alchemy - magic - necromancy)

When I water non living tree parts I truly am trying to make something come about with a life of its own. It should at least have a spirit that can be experienced by some one who is open to it. There are people who look at this site daily with the hope that I have succeeded. I go on for myself. Knowing that some one is looking and experiencing both my successes and my failures is inspiring to me. When we are in contact the complete idea is that I would inspire them too.

For a while I have been watering these dead tree parts with watercolor and gouache in hopes to be a successful magician or alchemist or necromancer. These crafts much like the craft of art are not guaranteed success. All that I can count on is this. If I continue to do work. Some of what I do will be successful. I am counting todays post as a success. It is perhaps a little too beautiful but that is a favorite problem to have with my work. And then I go on to do more.

Enough said. Each and every one of you go pick up your chosen materials and make something beautiful. Right now.


  1. Canson Moulin du Roy 140 lb HP w/c paper
    17.125 X 11.75 inches
    watercolor/gouache/watercolor pencils

  2. Your work is wonderfully subtle. I appreciate the thought of restoring the twigs to life with water and paint. Alchemy for sure.

    Your blog is an ongoing inspiration.

  3. artists are mystic poets and
    mystic poets are sick philosophers
    and sick philosophers are madmen
    ...keep up the good work

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    1. This is fun as well as motivation to keep working the magic.