Tuesday, September 2, 2014

685 (more photos)

"When You Come to a Fork Take It"

I know there are people looking at this blog site. It counts the pages viewed. However. It does not tell me who you are or what you are thinking. 
Only a very few of you ever leave comments. Some of you have sent email making comments or asking questions. If commenting on the blog site is not something you would like to do I am leaving an email address again.

Please feel free to say anything you would like to. I am interested in knowing who is looking and what you think. Honestly I am.


  1. Sometimes I just drop in to enjoy the view. Thank you. Hoping to be inspired again this week.

  2. I try to visit most days. Often life lets me get to the computer less often. I like the work you are putting up. It is your work, but it seems to be intentionally about what we (the observers) see.
    The work - instead of saying, "Look how smart/clever/sensitive/foolish/talented/angry/sad I am/you are!" is most often saying, "Look out/in this window over here. What do you see?".