Sunday, May 19, 2013


In the first world of make believe there is only that which we refuse to believe.

In the second world of former times there is only the weight of yesterday and a very weak light.

In the third world of worlds there is nothing and poverty and poverty.

In the fourth world of definition there is all absurdity. Quoting. Asking. Telling. Commanding. Yelling old stories about shoes at children.

In the fifth world of perception there are elements of all that is possible in all possible worlds.

In the sixth world of learning there are many many answers and absolutely no questions.

In the seventh world of knotted string there are fishing nets and their derivative stockings. Pillows and purses and vests. Curtains and hangers for just about anything.

There is no eighth world.

In the ninth world of bent wire there are hooks and eyelets and hairpins. Staples and paper clips and key rings. With springs and safety pins and coat hangers of course.

In the tenth world of war and love there are too many ways to die together and too few ways to live together.

In the eleventh world of information there are so many rules and so many measures and so many criticisms that no one smiles.

In the twelfth world of nomenclature there are names for all of the other worlds and even names for the other worlds names.

In the thirteenth world of longitude and latitude there is a map to all of the other worlds. Except the one that does not exist.