Friday, January 17, 2020


4 1/2 inch cube
3 of 6 sides
(a group of three cubes)


  1. I wish the comment section would start working again for Ersatz Lascaux
    so he could type his own words in the correct setting at the correct time
    in his own inimitable way...
    But. I think hates him.
    And. He hates Instagram.
    What's a little old 'cubist' to do? Huh? Really.

    Oh well... Oh well... Oh well

  2. I just tried to put up yet another post about my comments from others not working in the BlogSpot help and feedback section.
    An error occurred 3 times and it did not post.
    Perhaps this dear old Blogger at is dying a slow death...
    (or more likely GOOGLE just doesn't care)