Monday, April 30, 2018



photo with hand

photo with fingers

last sheet of film

I was not doing very well with very limited time to try and take a 4 X 5 b&w instant analog pinhole photo for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.  I had only 4 chances with my last 4 sheets of film.  And I had not used the camera for about a year. 

First I forgot to remove the dark slide and got all black of course.  You can imagine that one for yourself.

Then I was so clumsy that my hand was in the way.  It is rather hard to move a mechanical shutter quick enough for this very fast film.

Then I got it to where only a some of my fingers were in the photo.

Then I got the closest I could get to okay with the last sheet of film.

Not a huge success but I did celebrate WPPD before I went to work.  This is probably the worst photo I have taken to enter into the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Gallery.  Go see what others have put up so far.

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  1. Out of date Fuji FB 3000 45
    Zero Image 4X5 wooden Multi Format System #0078