Tuesday, February 6, 2018


19 interruptions by The Mill Creek


  1. Some more of the paper I have been using should arrive today. Tracking says it's on time. This interruption of my interruptions has been more difficult than I care to admit. It is not the paper or materials. It just stopped working suddenly.

    Everything changes (and in time all changes are good I have been told).

  2. Three or four days ago I commented that changes along the way with this blog confuse me. Am I to gather from the last few posts that you have reached some sort of creative block? Are you posting photography until you make some artworks you are happy with? I like the photography. I like most of your art. I did not like the two music oriented pieces much, but overall I have been favorably impressed with what I have seen here.

    1. every piece of art work I do gets posted here
      from the very best to the absolute worst
      working daily has been "interrupted" recently
      (I don't think of it as a block)