Tuesday, December 20, 2016


"I Like This Photo"
(and it's digital)

posted it to take attention
away from the piece of work below
I hate it
and there is no equivalent apology to cover it

Was having a conversation with a friend about never self-editing.  Post every piece of work done.  Then I did this.  Not even sure of the beginning anymore.  Kind of thinking somewhere between a bird nest and an egg and a bowl.  It got away from me.  Never did get it back.  Pity.  
Please accept my most humble apologies.
Begging your forgiveness.
blah blah blah 



  1. upper
    digital point and shoot
    file straight from camera

    17.125 X 11.75 inches
    Arches 300 lb CP w/c paper
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache
    (+ a great amount of regret)

  2. I, for one, appreciate that you post everything. My inner censor works overtime so I do not post very often. I do not know whether you show commitment and courage or just doggedness,and I show fearfulness. I am glad for your blog

    1. Want to think of it as commitment or courage but I'll go with doggedness. A bit like a dog getting it's teeth set into something and just not letting go. That has been my plan since posting started here.
      Have posted some not very good artwork and have posted some that I feel quite privileged to have done.

      Today. Know that you have have to make some not good works to get to the good works.
      Somehow. (drum roll...) That makes them all good.

      Or. A not very good piece of artwork is way better than no artwork.

    2. the plentitude is the problem
      ~ ersatz mcluhan

    3. "once a day is not enough"
      ~ another marshall