Monday, November 7, 2016


"No Title"
(no parenthetical statement)
no follow up

Opening Night
The Golden Ticket Artists Exhibition
November 11th   6 - 9 pm
Clifton Cultural Arts Center
3711 Clifton Ave  Cincinnati OH 45220

Closing Reception
Transformation: From Trees to Art
November 12th   6 - 9 pm
Joseph Clark Gallery / Arts of Africa
4038 Hamilton Ave  Cincinnati OH 45223


  1. 15 X 11 inch page
    22 X 30 Saunders 90 lb HP w/c paper
    (folded twice into an eight page signature)
    like a book - not that symbol -
    graphite/watercolor pencils/gouache

    two invitations and a sincere "please attend"

  2. no way out
    (now we're getting somewhere)
    always fouled-up

  3. A beautiful shape to quit over and over on...
    or perhaps it is a sum?