Saturday, June 18, 2016

1304 (photo break)

JJM's Broken LOMO
(this was after it was fixed)

My friend sent me a link to a video about LYTRO Cinema.  His subject line was "I'm Getting Old" and I'm older than him.  Had a severe reaction to this digital technology that seems in the beginning to be more like heresy than photography to me.  My first thought was to get out all of my outdated Polaroid and Fuji instant analog film and go on a photo binge.  I can binge on anything.  

Instead.  Found my Nikon F3HP and my favorite lens a Nikkor 35mm f/2.  Got new batteries.  Got 3 rolls of B&W film.  Got 3 developing mailers from Ilford's US lab.  Plan to shoot these 3 rolls of film in anyway I see fit.  Hopefully not binging.  Just reveling in the idea that it is not digital.  Whatever I do correctly or incorrectly will be recorded that way for a long time in negative or print.  

A lot of what I like about photography is the beauty of things not quite right.  An overexposed slide can be quite beautiful.  A lack of focus on film can be beautiful.  That place where the latitude of B&W film breaks down is very nice.  Limitations as opposed to a lack of limitations.  It's rather attractive to me.  I'm old.  

I am not anti-digital.  I just prefer film.  
I am thankful that The Impossible Project and New55 Holdings are making instant analog films.  I am thankful that Ilford has a lab in the US and that the company still specializes in B&W.  I am thankful for the large format films that are still available.  I am thankful for old lenses in new shutters.  I am thankful for wooden cameras.
I am not anti-digital.  I just prefer film.

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    sorry it's not live
    but you know how to cut and paste digitally
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  3. Ah, the broken LOMO! Thank you for this post. Those photos are just right.