Monday, May 2, 2016


"The Moment Between"
(guided by former vision)

Did a piece of work similar to this one before.  Called "Far Away From" it is post number 638 on this blog dated June 23rd 2014.  The first one was on a thicker hot pressed paper.  Could see equally well/not well from both eyes at the time.  After doing yesterday's piece with one eye closed I wasn't ready to do that again.  At least not immediately.  A redo seemed to be in order.  Let my hands and memory take over.  They did and this is what I got.  

This is the very last of the old J GREEN 90 lb rough paper.  The last two posts were done on sheets left over from the the book binders using it as endpapers for my two books "1964" and "97 suggestions" my second and third books bound at Ohio Book Store's binding division.  WWW.OHIOBOOKSTORE.NET  

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  1. 11.75 X 17.125 inches
    J GREEN 90 lb rough w/c paper
    water-soluble wax pastel/gouache