Saturday, June 27, 2015

958 (them)

"From There to There"

(there there)


  1. 17.125 X 11.75 inches Lana 300 lb HP w/c paper
    graphite/water color pencils/gouache

    any scarecrow communication
    will be difficult to understand

  2. To
    Steve Finnell
    keyboard evangelist

    This in no way seems to be a comment about my blog SELECTED WORKS.

    This is like an uninvited bulldozer coming to push down my house while I am in it.
    Even if the bulldozer operator thinks they are doing me a favor they are still tearing down my house. With me in it.

    So while this said bulldozer driver is attempting to be of some help to me this bulldozer driver is participating in an act of aggression.

    Acts of aggression are not helpful.
    They are willful.

    Acts of aggression are not based in concern. They are not based in love.
    They are based in one's own opinion and ego.

    When some one thinks they are the only one who is correct.
    They seem to believe that gives them the right to talk over
    disregard the opinion of others
    shout louder than
    or in this case to push their way in to an arena that they were not invited into
    with a message that has nothing to do with that arena.

    I appreciate that you regard your opinion so highly but what I am soliciting here are opinions that pertain to my artwork.
    I ask you to please keep that in mind before you drive your bulldozer into my blog again.

    I will respond in kind by not driving my bulldozer into yours.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ballard Borich

  3. A very kind response from you Ballard.

  4. Yes, very kind. Admirable.

  5. Jesus Christ!!! Bulldozer is my favorite word! God, I can't believe it, BULLDOZER!!!

    Your response is more "christian" than the comment. I promise to aspire to your kind of kindness and not be so sacrilegious in the future.