Monday, February 16, 2015

829 (scarecrow HEY scarecrow)

"Landscape for Egon Schiele"

(although he may never see it)

the scarecrow is
to the best of my understanding
not a muse

the scarecrow

   is part of a mythology
constantly being formed and changed
by me

   allows me
to have an ongoing conversation 
with myself without question

   is an underlying catalyst
that fits quite nicely
with these images of sticks

   could be more 
like an alter ego
if taken seriously enough

the scarecrow appeared
after picking up a twig

that suggested a hand

and thinking 
this hand
could only have come 
from a scarecrow


  1. 14.125 X 10.25 inches Arches 140 lb HP w/c paper
    watercolor pencils

    any scarecrow communication
    from or about
    will be difficult to understand

  2. scarecrow is a metaphor making stick figure