Saturday, July 26, 2014

661 interruption

Monsieur Lascaux is a purveyor of excellent sentiment!

in response I would only say...
...approval is not all bad. Weakness is not all bad. 
Maybe attachment to approval is be avoided?
But that doesn't "read" as nicely as his adage.

Keep clam
Carry on!

- j

"Be open to the suggestions of others as I proceed."

equal billing - equal time - equal space

Today for those of you who do not read the comments. This is from j. An intermittent comment contributor to Selected Works. 
Hope to see more from you too.  

others' comments always welcome


  1. 4X5 pinhole instant analog photo 2012
    Fuji FP-100C45 instant color film

  2. any road leads to the cemetery
    silent stones anchored to the earth
    screaming "AVOID ATTACHMENT"

  3. ...well, there you have it.

    the super-hero power
    I have always wanted
    is to be a stone.