Wednesday, December 11, 2013

448 Cloud Funding "I'm thinking cumulus"

“I’m thinking cumulus”

This is a series of seven individual paintings. 
The series is called “4 or 5”
Each painting is 10.25 inches high by 7.125 inches wide. 
They are gouache, watercolor and graphite on Arches 140 pound hot pressed watercolor paper.
This series of seven is meant to stay together and be displayed in this order. 
Each painting was posted individually on posts 441-447. (They were the last seven posts on this blog.) You can enlarge the images on this blog site.
These seven paintings will be properly installed in their own individually handcrafted acrylic frames with a UV filtering face. As a group on the wall they would take up a space approximately (certainly no larger than) 1 foot high by 6 feet wide. 
In the spirit of cloud funding (I’m thinking cumulus) I am pre-selling this framed set for $938.00. At $134.00 each this cost is below the cost of framing alone. In my honest and informed opinion this price is so far below retail it doesn’t need this sentence to make that point. I am attempting to sell them to get the materials and framing for future works I plan to do. 
I am sorry but this price is only if you can pick them up locally. Shipping elsewhere would of course be an additional cost. I will work to make that as reasonable as possible.
I understand that my work does not fit everyones walls, taste or budget. I only ask that if these are not for you but you can think of someone who might be interested please let them know.

Cloud Funding as always is
first come first served

“What about cirrus?”


  1. Thank you for looking.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. uh...word is
    nebulous or cumulus or nimbus
    here's 2 cumulative beauty