Friday, July 26, 2013


"Septenary 01"

(less more)


  1. speak the truth - even if your voice shakes

    11.375" X 8.5"
    gouache and graphite on 90 lb w/c paper

    Total of posts 296 to 316 in various bases.

    10101 base-2
    210 base-3
    111 base-4
    41 base-5
    33 base-6
    30 base-7

  2. my truth:
    be a nice scientismist
    or be a nice humanist
    or be a nice atheist
    or be a nice nihilist
    or just be nice
    (and keep your faith to yourself)

    bonus truth: you will always regret wearing flip-flops

  3. an internet glitch caused a hurried rewrite. The second to last line should read- or if you can't manage that just be nice-

    another bonus truth: if you can't find time to do it right the first time where are you going to find time to do it a second?