Saturday, September 26, 2009

Selected Works

My hope for "Selected Works" is to show artwork and photography and writing of my own and when it is alright with them to show some work by others as well.

Soon I will be introducing the limited 21st Anniversary edition of "Auspicious Circumstance" as well as the "Dedicated Absurdist" edition which will be quite limited. I also have some of the silkscreens I printed for the original deluxe edition to offer as well.

Today I am only hoping that I typed all of this correctly and have added my picture from our web site

Thank you

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  1. How impressive to see my brother on the internet. I am very proud of all your work and even prouder of the fact that you continued to follow your dream even when I am sure you felt little support from your inmmediate family. i know as your little sister in the 60's I had no clue what talent you had, but how truly exciting to see the great artist you have become (a true artist in your own right). Please give us more information and samples, I have enjoyed every moment. Barbara